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FFS Training

Ray Floro:
The Lamb Baton Method

Developed by Arthur Lamb in 1969. I consider it one of the best baton system.


He breaks it up into 7 "Phases" and the use of fakes is to me GENIUS!!!

Ray Floro:
Kalis Ilustrisimo Solo Training

Ray Floro, Master Rommie Macapagal  and Master Christopher Ricketts circa late 80's.

Ray Floro:
Kalis Ilustrisimo Sparring

(courtesy Clive Girdham)


Whether it is a stand up demonstration or whether it is full contact sparring, I have continually manage to “score” with this ONE strike regardless of distance, angle, circling, or falling of a cliff… 

THE SECRET??   Easy!!   It is a matter of PROCEDURE.


For full article read my blog here

Ray Floro:
Non-Telegraphic Strike



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